The Day Deplorablism Died


One thing is now for sure this day: The #Decency and #Reckoning vote in 2018 is in the hands of

1) Women

2) African Americans

3) Millennials

4) Under 30 Voters

5) Independents

6) Immigrants

7) DEM/GOP College Educated Suburbanites

to join ALL of us hated "Coastal/Beltway/Media Elites."

The #MiracleInAlabama" was IMHO the line in the sand for decency, hyper-religiosity and what I have come to call "Deplorablism." The miracle of a DEM victory in Ruby Red evangelical Alabama that should have been a cakewalk for a religious hyper-zealot like Judge Roy Moore.

Instead it turned into the defense of a vision shared by the majority of non hyper-partisan, non-radicalized "country before party" citizens of all stripes

It was the rejection of Deplorablism and a re-affirmation that the American Dream really is an ALL-inclusive capitalist Republic of states where we all pursue happiness the way WE define it and not how someone or some religion wants us to live.

The outcome was also clearly was a rejection of right wing hyper-radicals trying to sell mainstream Americans on the Deplorablism agenda:

1) racial/gender/sexual orientation/religion hate and division

2) a return to a non-existent 20th century economy

3) a new version of the same old white supremacy 

4) Those hyper-zealous religious fanatics who seek to impose their religious beliefs upon ALL us Americans as if the separation of Church and State was not one of the major founding drivers of the American Revolution in the first place.

Nothing demonstrates Deplorablism more than this interview with a Roy Moore surrogate on CNN with Jake Tapper

Clearly the Red State cultural single issue crowd (i.e., abortion, legalized assault rifles, anti-gay marriage and the appointment of only ultra conservative SCOTUS judges) have a large mostly small city/rural tribe and very real economic and educational issues that have been long ignored for 30 years or more.

BUT they do not come close to the numbers or engagement of the Decency & Reckoning tribe and today the Republican Party after losing VA NJ AL are IMHO paying the price for supporting extremely low standards of shame and decency and trading the debasement of our societal norms and the office of the Presidency in return for political power.

In short (to paraphrase a classic American Broadway song) the " pendulum of Deplorablism has swung as far as it could go.' As Winston Churchill famously said "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing right after they exhaust all their other alternatives." had your brief moment in the sun. Now it's time for the adults to take the 21st century country back. 

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