ALL Semi Equipment Hit Sell Stops--Take Profits in Both Micron Positions Too

We are taking HUGE profits in All Semi Equipment/MU Positions


Dear Subscriber,

The KLAC news on memory weakness last night makes me SO GLAD we took our mega profits on AMD and Semi Equipment plays (LRCX and AMAT and ASML hit our sell stops).  HOLD the final AMD tranche as we took $2 in premium in selling the Aug 31 calls but the put option expired (with .19 cost).

Take huge profits in our two Micron (MU) positions as well...the cycle peaked and that is our signal to take profits and re-invest at the bottom again!  HOLD of course lhas only GPU chips and the demand cycle 

Here's a note from a subscriber that shows why it is SO important to take proifts!

Dear Toby,

Here is a picture of the new vacation home we just bought in Tahoe--for cash! Where did that cash come from? Your Transformity Investor stocks and those sick option trades! Thank you brother...never thought I would be able at 45 years old to buy a home in Tahoe for cash...feels awesome! The kids think you are a God!


OK I threw in the God part...but folks we do this work for YOU...and to get notes like this from our subscribers...made my week! If you have a story like this...send it to me. It is these stories that make all the work and brain damage worth it!



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