Trade Alert: 5.10.18 - LETS PROTECT Nvidia Profits JUST LIKE Micron

LETS PROTECT Nvidia Profits JUST LIKE Micron


Dear Subscriber,

So one of our all-time favorites Nvidia has run up 10% in the last 8 trading days ahead of earnings. Our target is still $320 into 2019 BUT as we learned with Micron these melt-ups to 70 RSI into earnings leave almost nothing to gain.


Action to Take: Let's SELL the May 25th $265 CALL OPTION for $7.50 or BETTER and collect about $8 per SHARE in premium. Lets BUY the $250 May 25th PUT OPTION for $7 or better.

IF NVDA runs up past $265 in price in the next few days boo-hoo we have to take a huge profit from our orginal entry point (for many of you) around $45-50 OR our last buy under $135.

The stock is priced for perfection here on short covering...just like Micron. The odds are unless they just give amazing guidance ahead of ALL expectations this will somewhat of a sell the news event.

The stock has already reversed from $260 in the last hour...that gives us a bigger clue!

Patience + Prudence wins the day!