Weekly Update: 3.29.18

The WTF Market: FACEBOOK Buy $170 May 4th Options


Dear Subscriber,

One reason I LOVE these sentiment corrections is people vote with their emotions and not there heads.

FACEBOOK is going to do EVERYTHING right here to assuage the regulators...they have no choice.
But FACEBOOK (FB) gives advertisers like my company an offer we can't refuse: Great offers to clones of my subscribers audience ALWAYS MAKE MONEY. Virtually EVERY subscriber we have came from highly targeted FB ads...the cost is SO LOW it' unbeatable.

Is that going away? NO. Are political ads going to be 100% checked out? YES...as they should be. 
Are Facebook users going to be able to opt-out of data collection? YES...and it's those people company's like mine WANT TO GET RID OF! They are NON-RESPONSIVE consumers...that is the whole thing here.

The ROI on Facebook ads are SO far ahead of Google for direct response ads its not close...and GOOGLE is going to get the same treatment. 

BUY the $170 May 4th Calls UNDER $4 with 50% position and lets' wait for another hysterical pull back on some other headline.

More to come...I have not seen more hysterical headlines and investors in a long time...YEA!!!


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