Testimonials & Top 24 Market Calls

WHY should you become a subscriber? It's the life-changing impact we've made in the lives of our subscribers/viewers over last two decades.


Testimonials from Subscribers (E-mails all on file):

Kelly Turbin, CA

I can truly say that my subscription to Transformity Investing has turned my investment portfolio from a six figure to $1 million fortune and I’m just 45!

My kid’s college funds are full, my corporate pension plan is over funded—and its ALL with Transformity Investing stocks, options and ETFs.

We first made a killing in energy stocks and MLPs in the great run that called in early 2013 and that we got OUT of in October 2014—what a call on oil!

But my major profits came from being in Apple all the way until we sold at $120…and in the long term call options we cashed in 2016 up 300-400%. Then you call on Nvidia/Micron and AMD in the middle of the January 2016 correction allowed me to scoop up the stocks and long term options—OMG.

I’m up over 250-350% on ALL those positions in 18 months…I’ve made close to $250,000 on those positions alone…and $20k in a week on our latest AMD long term call option.

I really appreciate being able to text you directly when I have questions…NO other famous newsletter editor I know gives that kind of service.

Honest to God…your name around our house is Saint Toby!

PS: I just made $22,000 in 2 DAYS on your Cloudera call….!!!

Tony Ferris, Coral Gables, FL

Tobin thanks.  Of all the stocks that he recommended I have the vast majority of my account and it’s up 250% since I started with Transformity Investing. But your call on Nvidia (and second purchase in the January 2016 correction) REALLY has changed my financial life. I’m retired but thanks to you I feel safe and financially secure for the first time in my life.

I really like how you identify the BIG transformations in the global economy and find us the stocks that take most advantage of them. I can tell you this: ALL it takes is one monster stock to make the entire year or two—and you have brought me 10 stocks and investments with 100-300% gains since I have been a subscriber.

I literally can’t wait to open my email and see a new recommendation or newsletter edition!

Dave Hanneken Santa Monica CA

Hello Tobin.  You may not recall meeting, but a few days ago we shared an elevator at Shutters in Santa Monica.  I recognized you instantly. (How can one not recognize the man who recommended buying Apple back when it was less than $12 a share split-adjusted?  Thankfully I held on to 10X profits).   Not surprisingly, the elevator we shared was heading up... the same direction as many of your reccos in your terrific newsletter.

When I saw you I had just dropped my oldest off for last year at UCLA…100% paid for by my ChangeWave Investing stocks!!!! I wanted to reach out and get more information on your new venture.  You mentioned something about starting it up again, and I can tell you I'm super psyched at the prospect of being first in line.

Please keep me in the loop.  I can't wait to get my portfolio back on solid footing.  When I was reading your newsletter, things were great. After you left, well, let's say it reminded me of this awesome Nike commercial with Tiger Woods.  Not sure you ever saw this, but it doesn't take a genius to recognize who Tiger is in the world of investing.  Check it out.  And let me know more as you can. 


I wish you great success in all you do.  And thank you in advance for what's to come.  All the best!

Chad Hoctor Hemet CA

Hey Toby,

Just wanted to thank you for another great year. Your advice has had a huge impact on my life. Back in the ChangeWave days my NEOM profits bought me my ranch and CHTL helped buy my new Extreme 4x4 Motorhome.

Your early calls on Nvidia, Micron and OLED were awesome. Your call on Mobileye being bought out by Intel 14 months ahead of Intel buying them was sorta spooky.

Today I am your neighbor in Arizona…but thanks to you I fly into Scottsdale in my own helicopter!

Harriette Rose, Katz, IL

Toby when i look at my portfolio, I realize what an enormous impact you have had on my life.....and for that i thank you from the bottom of my heart. I did buy more Micron when it was down the other day and I am sooo excited by the future.

Chuck Lowe,  Santa Margarita, CA

When I first read your report on how Apple was changing the music world with iTunes… I bought shares for my IRA around $35. When I read your report on how they were changing mobile phones, I bought shares for my children’s accounts around $75. After taking profits at your $650 target price all I can say is “WOW—my retirement is secure and my kids college is paid for. God bless you man…what a difference in all our lives.

Thomas Haney,  Garland, TX

Toby…I can honestly say you have been the source of truly transformational wealth to my family. Getting us out of stocks in 2001…back in 2003…and then ringing the bell on the oncoming Great Recession saved my family millions—God bless you!

Jon Rogers, Denver, CO

Discovered CREE thanks to you and appreciate the 117% return. I’m up over 250% on Nvidia, AMD and Micro when you pounded the table for them in the early 2016 market correction.  I’ve just signed up for your lifetime subscription deal…keep up the good work!

Brian Smith, Park City, UT

“Tobe, great call on TEP…just sold my original investment and am letting the profit ride- well over $50,000 profit in less than 120 days…keep these type of stocks coming!”

PS: I am terrible at selling so thanks for the push…”

Christian Creed, Monroe, LA

“Well we have our oldest Kate done at UT Austin and I can truly say we paid the $200,000 in tuition and expenses with our investment in Apple stock first in your ChangeWave Investor service and then next in Transformity Investing.

I really like the strategy of using long term options purchased with profits from original investment to “roll your profits at 90% less risk.

We have been fans for years…and your buy and hold advice has changed our financial lives forever. Our youngest enters UT this year…I am going to use profits from Nvida, Micron, AMD, OLED, AMAT and LRCX to pay for HIS school too…and then for MY retirement!

God bless you brother…you are a life changer!

Ben Shehubs, Tampa, FL

I have followed you since your days at Fox News and have been a fan of your show ‘Bulls and Bears’ since the beginning. I took advantage of your market calls in 2000, 2003 but most importantly 2008—and literally saved millions of dollars.

I subscribed to Transformity Investing for your bull and bear market forecasts…but the stock calls have been stellar. I wish I had bought more Nvidia and Micron but I did load up on AMD around $4.45 and that position alone if up over $200,000 for my IRA.

My accountant just subscribed…he has watched my IRA grow and finally asked me ‘Ben…are you a stock guru?’ I told him I was not but I knew one! Thanks again!

Ken Kemp, Los Angeles, CA

Long time subscriber. Just wanted to tell you what a difference your stock buying and selling advice has made to me and my wife Jen since we first subscribed to ChangeWave Investor and now Transformity Investing.

With your guidance we’ve grown our low six figure investment accounts to over $2 million in value since 2006—and largely avoided the 50%+ crash in 2008-2009 thanks to your masterful market call in Dec 2007 to “go to cash and buy TBT bond ETF and short the market with SQQQs.

We started buying your new post-crash stocks in 2009 and our portfolio is up 5X more than the overall market. Today I have almost all your recommendations in my portfolio and I’m up 55% in 2017 and was up over 120% in 2016—again 5-10X more than the overall market.

Feel free to use this e-mail as an endorsement…you’ve earned it!”

Dave Dunham

Toby…just a note of thanks for all that you have done for our family. 3 kids through private college thanks to our investments you recommended. We are retiring to the second home we bought in Florida thanks again to the profits we earned in Transformity Investing. Keep ‘em coming—I need a big fancy motor home too!

Tom Thompson, Evergreen, CO

Toby…I will admit I was a sceptic on your Portfolio Doubler strategy. But I loaded up my IRA in October 2013 JUST like you advised into the Government Shutdown fiasco and my account is up 120% annualized from that very day! I can’t wait to show my Dad how I’m going to be richer than he is! Subscriber for life… 

Bill Simpson, Coral Gables, FL

I’ve watched you on Fox’s Bulls and Bears for ten years…every Saturday morning. I wish I had discovered your newsletter service when I first discovered you…but the incredible money I have made on your advice like Tesla and Netflix along with Apple and Google has changed my life…made things possible for my family and I that I frankly never dreamed of…LOVE the new NBT Investor PRO…keep it up! 

Jim Wolf,  Bridgeport, CT

MEMC from $15 to $75—not only was that a great call…what impressed me most was how you guys found this company ahead of ALL the Wall Street know-it-alls! I’m a subscriber for life now!

 J Rodgers, Ridley Park, PA

Thanks to you Tobin I discovered CREE  and the 317% return. Keep up the good work.

 Steve E, Cave Creek, AZ

Toby…we named the 56 foot yacht we bought with our profits from your research “El Cambio” …The Change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have brought into our lives.

Homes, second homes, yachts, college educations and MOST important secure retirements—that’s what we wake up every day to deliver to our members.

Tobin Smith’s TOP 24 GREATEST Market/Macroeconomic/Transformity Calls on CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business Network and Transformity Investing 2000-2017

1)     May 2000 “Tech spending has fallen off a cliff…the Internet bubble has burst…SELL tech stocks immediately and buy bonds” Fox NewsYour World with Neil Cavuto

2)     June 2000 “Tech spending has fallen off cliff…the Internet bubble has burst…SELL tech stocks immediately and buy bonds” CNBCSquawk Box

3)     December 2000…”US Economy headed for recession on mass pullback in tech spending and burst tech bubble—continue to sell stocks and buy US Treasury bonds!” Fox News Bulls and BearsDec 10

4)     Dec 30 2000 “Fed will CUT rates 1%+ between meetings when they see how much US economy has slowed—sell stocks and buy US Treasury bonds!” 

Fox News Your World with Neil Cavuto 2001 Forecast Show Special. Fox showed this clip for DAYS after Greenspan “surprise” 1% rate cut Jan 5 2001 . . .my 15 minutes of fame!

5)     March 2003 “US recession has troughed—new business cycle expansion has started…BUY STOCKS NOW especially the most beaten down tech stocks.” Fox NewsBulls and Bears Saturday March 3 episode

6)     April 2004 “Natural gas prices headed way up as new gas fired power plants have doubled and natural gas supply is lower (pre-fracking days).” Buy Southwestern Energy (ran up 600% in next 4 years) Fox NewsBulls and Bears Saturday episode

7)     June 2005 “Our ChangeWave surveys say the Apple iPod is going to be huge and change music…BUY Apple !!!” (pre-split equivalent $6 now $162 or 3200% gain).  Fox News Bulls and Bears episode

8)     February 2007 “Sub-prime mortgage bankruptcies just starting (New Century BK filing) . . . get out of ALL homebuilders and Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae and Countrywide Credit…the caca is hitting the fan”. Fox News Your World with Neil Cavuto

9)     November 2007 “Market top is in…lighten stocks and be on recession watch.”  Fox News Bulls and Bears episode

10)   June 2008 “Bear Stearns saved by Fed…but that is the LAST mortgage securitizer to be saved.” After the Bell Fox Business News with Liz Claman

11)    September 2008 “STILL STAY away from stocks . . .we just avoided a bank run with Treasury action (bail out) and the business cycle is blown up . . deep recession ahead After the Bell Fox Business News with Liz Claman

12)    Dec 31 2008 And my BEST call . . .with David Asman on FBN’s “America’s Nightly Scoreboard” Year End show 2009 Predictions segment “The selling is not over but will capitulate around March which will be a real bottom…around 666 on the S&P 500 is our target to re-enter stocks.”  Sure as heck the market bottomed March 6 at 666 . . . pure luck but I will take it!

13)    March 2009 “The market bottom is in! Buy Apple, Google and Amazon with both hands—the will be worth 10X MORE by 2020…they are unstoppable monopolies” Fox News Bulls & Bears

14)    April 2010 “The ACA changes the economics of big health plan providers like United Healthcare, Centene, Molina Healthcare—buy them all” (they are up in value on average 250% from that call). Fox News Bulls & Bears

823% GAIN since 2010

15) July 2011 “Elon Musk is the new Steve Jobs and his Tesla EV is the future. By the stock here around $25 a NEVER EVER sell it!!! America’s Nightly Scoreboard Fox Business Network

1322% GAIN since 2011

16) October 2012 “Buy the Netflix crash under $15…as their model goes to 100% streaming service and new programming takes off…they become ultra-growth machine around the world!” Fox News Bulls & Bears

1755% GAIN since October 2012

17) May 2013 “Oil is headed over $100 a barrel as new demand from China is overwhelming production. BUY the new kings of oil—the shale frackers. Continental Resources, Pioneer Resources and Parsley Oil.” Fox News Bulls & Bears

324% GAIN from May 2013

18) Sept 2013 “The explosion in shale fracking is using thousands of tons of sand a day. Buy Emerge Energy Services LP <$25 (EMES) Transformity Investing

19) October 2014 “SELL all our energy stocks—Saudi Arabia has declared war on the U.S. shale energy players.” Transformity Investing

810% GAIN in less than a year!

20) November 2015 “The age of Artificial Intelligence is here and it’s powered by Nvidia (NVDA), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and the new 3D memory chips by Micron (MU). Buy them all…buy them now!” Transformity Investing

1156% GAIN since November 2015

21) January 2016 “The age of Artificial Intelligence is STILL here and it’s STILL powered by Nvidia (NVDA), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and the new 3D. . . buy this correction and double down on ALL these stocks!” Transformity Investing

324% GAIN since January 2016 BUY

 March 2016 “The digital device tech world is transforming TO OLED screens and away from LED. Let’s buy OLED the technology leader and Applied Materials (AMAT) the OLED manufacturing equipment  leader.”  

February 2018: Time to SELL OLED--APPLE X Is NOT SELLING as forecast!

250% GAIN since March 2016 buy

24) February 2016 “The auto & truck world is transforming autonomous driving technology. Let’s buy Mobileye (MBLY) as the pure play technology leader and wait for their partner Intel to buy them out >$60.” January 2017—“Double down on MobilEye under $35.”  

MobilEye bought by Intel in August 2017 for $63.87.

225% GAIN Since 2016 Entry